Our Programs

Child Protection

  1. Promote Child Protection and Advocacy (CP and A) to prevent and respond to exploitation, violence, marginalization, neglect and abuse against children, including sexual exploitation and harmful traditional practices, such as child marriages.
  2. Promote and support Youth Clubs which create a safe, enabling environments for children to spend time doing homework, playing sport, developing leadership and life skills and learning how to approach life creatively.
  3. Empower Faith and traditional leaders to provide a caring and protective environment for all girls and boys, especially the most vulnerable children.
  4. Empower caregivers and families of most vulnerable children respect, nurture and protect all girls and boys.
  5. Encourage Girls and Boys to have life skills and resilience to protect themselves and their peers.
  6. Promote Child Protection formal and informal mechanisms collaborating effectively in protecting boys & girls from abuse.
  7. Empower Girls and Boys to be influential as child well-being actors amongst their peers, in their family and in their community.

Education and ICT

  1. Facilitate the creation of peer education and exchange programs to encourage and improve equitable free and easy use of ICT and educational training programs in rural, urban and remote areas.
  2. Facilitate and support the establishment of distance learning centers, training of trainers and development of retraining programs that aim at children and youth empowerment at community level.
  3. Encourage the local production of educational and ICT content and access to content.
  4. Support marginalized children with access to educational and psycho-social well-being including educational grants and scholarships.
  5. Encourage and support literacy boost programs in primary schools.
  6. Implement programs that will ensure children receive access to basic education through reading and numeracy programs and other educational interventions to ensure a brighter future for the children.

Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy and Vocational Skills Program

  1. Conducting and facilitation of various children and youth training programs in self-development, relationship management, business, entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills.
  2. Linking the youth entrepreneurs to credit and financial institutions.
  3. Provision of business support services including information, mentoring and coaching to young emerging and expanding entrepreneurs.
  4. Support and facilitate the establishment and equipping of VTCs at community level aimed at empowering children and youth with relevant vocational and life skills training.

Value Based Life Skills Programs

  1. Provision of sustainable and profitable means of livelihoods through practical training on Income Generating Activities, Financial Management and Social Ethics to children and youth.
  2. Support to orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) to attain value based life skills training.

Environmental Protection and Conservation

  1. Training of Youth Support Groups (YSCs) formation of Environmental Protection and Conservation Clubs (EPCCs) in schools.
  2. Support the establishment of tree nurseries which act as a demonstration site and supplies tree seedlings to the community.

HIV/AIDS and Reproductive Health

  1. Encourage Behavioral Change Communication (BCC).
  2. Awareness, sensitization and Community outreaches.
  3. Guidance and counselling.
  4. Distribution of information, education and communication materials HIV/AIDS Counselling and Testing programs.

Program Themes

  1. Promoting awareness among HIV/AIDS at risk youths.
  2. Pursuing the hidden talent and talent connections.
  3. Using media to raise awareness and advocacy.
  4. Changing the life of children and youth through education and financial literacy.
  5. Showcasing issues with local authorities.
  6. Celebrating children and youth festivals and national holidays.
  7. Reviving culture among children and youth.
  8. Volunteering in community services.
  9. Giving girls the opportunity for success.
  10. Promoting and facilitating the socio-economic integration of children and youth.
  11. Addressing challenges facing children and youth in community through art.
  12. Entertaining children and youth through culture and sports strengthening their creativity and talent.
  13. Partnering with donors and stakeholders to develop strategies.